Spotinst Ocean for GKE upgraded with “Run Workloads”

As a part of improving our solutions across all cloud providers, we are happy to announce that Spotinst Ocean’s Run Workloads feature is now available on Ocean for GKE.

At Spotinst, we aim to automate and simplify as many aspects of cloud operations as possible. With Spotinst Ocean, we have provided our clients with a serverless experience that allows them to automate and optimize the management of Kubernetes (and recently, ECS) cluster infrastructure.

With the aim of providing additional value and a complete E2E cluster management solution, we’ve introduced Spotinst Ocean’s Run Workloads feature. 

Run Workloads allows the user to provision and manage deployments, pods, and daemonSets directly from the Spotinst console, eliminating the overhead of toggling between multiple interfaces. 

The addition of Run Workloads to Ocean for GKE is a step forward in our continuous effort to provide our clients with a truly cloud agnostic cluster management experience, and lays the foundation for future features and capabilities, so stay tuned!