Spotinst Ocean for EKS Quickstart – In 10 Min!

As you are probably familiar by now, Ocean is our latest product which provides a Serverless Kubernetes Experience and allows our customers to focus on building applications, rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure. We are excited to announce, that as part of our fruitful partnership with AWS, we have developed a Quick Start to launch Amazon EKS alongside Spotinst Ocean.

The Quick Start is a Cloudformation template that creates all the required resources to run an Amazon EKS cluster connected to Spotinst Ocean.

After just 10 minutes, you will have an EKS cluster that will be managed by Spotinst Ocean, which will efficiently optimize performance and costs by leveraging a mix of instance types and sizes running as Spot Instances.

With Spotinst Ocean running the EKS nodes over AWS’ excess capacity, combined with On-Demand and Reserved Instances, you can achieve a higher level of automation and utilization for your Kubernetes cluster, while maintaining high availability and cost optimization.

The below diagram visualizes the architecture of EKS alongside Spotinst Ocean:

You can find the Quick Start here:

The step-by-step instructions for deploying Spotinst Ocean for Amazon EKS nodes on AWS can be found here: