Spotinst now supports importing AWS-Fargate workloads into Elastigroup

We are thrilled to announce that importing Fargate services into Spotinst Elastigroup is now supported, and with a single click, the user can easily migrate running fargate services. Spotinst Elasigroup will automatically provision, manage and scale the instances required to run your containers in the most cost-efficient way possible.

This integration makes Elastigroups an obvious choice for those looking to cut the costs of their AWS Fargate-enabled ECS clusters and retain their focus on the applications, without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.

In order to import a Fargate-enabled ECS cluster, Spotinst Elastigroup clones the selected Fargate services and runs them with the same VPC & Subnet settings on EC2 Spot Instances, so no extra configuration is needed.

Learn more about importing Fargate workloads in our documentation