Root volume size per launch Spec with Spotinst Ocean

One of the many challenges of managing a complex and diverse Kubernetes cluster is the configuration and maintenance of different workload types. An example of such a configuration would be using multiple Instance Groups via KOPS, each mapped to an Auto Scaling Group on AWS.

Spotinst Ocean provides a one stop solution and simplifies the process with Launch Specifications. As incoming pods with matching labels and tolerations are identified, Ocean recognizes the requirements of each workload, and automatically uses the appropriate Launch Specification, without the overhead of maintaining multiple entities.

Ocean will choose the right compute resources in terms of type, size and lifecycle, while applying the unique settings of each Launch Specification, such as Image, Profile, Security Group or User Data. 

Today, we are happy to announce that Root Volume Size is being added to the list of settings offered by Launch Specifications! 

With this addition, users gain further customization options for their compute resources per workload type, and can override the default Cluster settings to improve sizing and cost efficiency even further.


This capability is currently available via API for AWS & GKE users.