Cluster Roll for Kubernetes and ECS

As part of the product’s continuous development effort, we are happy to announce our latest improvement, Ocean Roll Cluster.

Starting today, you will be able to roll the deployment of your K8s and ECS clusters from Spotinst’s UI and API.

Prior to this improvement, every time you performed infrastructure changes which required a deployment roll, (Modify AMI, User-Data, Security-Group, Private IP, etc.), you were required to perform actions such as disabling the Ocean “Auto-Scaler”, and manually detaching the instances.

Now, using Ocean roll, you will have the ability to roll your cluster with a single click, in order to replace instances in a blue-green manner. The deployment takes into consideration the actual pods which are currently running in the cluster, and freezes any auto-scaling related activity, until the roll is completed.

You can also schedule Cluster Rolls to occur at any time you specify.

One popular use case for scheduling, is for Google Preemtible VMs which are automatically terminated every 24 hours. Google Cloud customers can now proactively schedule a cluster roll on a daily basis, at the precise time that suits them. This ensures for a graceful process with high availability, where new nodes are spun up and the pods rescheduled, without any pressure of a sudden termination.

Please check out our documentation for an easy step by step tutorial.