New Spot by NetApp documentation and API library

Today we’re happy to announce that Spot by NetApp documentation has been upgraded to improve both the user experience and the authoring environment. Major changes include:

  • Migration of the site from WordPress to the GitHub-Doscify platform
  • Complete re-organization of topic tree in the sidebar
  • Improved search tool
  • New look and feel of web pages

The upgraded site will speed up user access to information and make it easier to find what you need. In addition, the site is open sourced on GitHub so that users can easily suggest changes or updates on any page. Simply click Edit on GitHub at the bottom of the page you want to change and submit a pull request through GitHub.

We’re not stopping only with a new documentation site, but starting today the Spot by NetApp API reference is available as an OpenAPI Specification.

OpenAPI Specification is an industry standard that allows APIs to be defined for humans as well as machines. This allows any person or application to easily consume and build with Spot in a structured format that includes detailed descriptions and examples of every endpoint. The specification is hosted on GitHub and full documentation is available through the Spot by NetApp help site. Get started by downloading the specification to your favorite REST Client today!

Try out the new documentation site at and the API reference at