New CodeDeploy Improvements for Better Visibility

The AWS CodeDeploy service helps organizations automate code deployments to EC2 instances and also makes it easier to rapidly release code changes and new features. With Elastigroup’s CodeDeploy integration, organizations can keep the same workflow, reduce their operational costs with Spot instances, and take advantage of Elastigroup’s CodeDeploy integration features. At Spotinst, we understand how important CI/CD is and we are always continuing to make improvements in our service.

We are pleased to announce improvements to Elastigroup’s CodeDeploy Integration. Now your CodeDeploy Elastigroups will display additional statistics about your CodeDeploy groups such as which deployment methods you have, failed/successful deployments, and all historical deployments. This improvement will provide better visibility and insights into how CodeDeploy is being used.

For more information on Elastigroup’s CodeDeploy integration, please check out our official documentation.