Introducing The K8s Autoscaler Visibility Report

The K8s Autoscaler

The Spotinst Kubernetes Autoscaler automatically ensures your clusters are making the best possible use of infrastructure. The two most important components of the Spotinst Kubernetes Autoscaler are Tetris Scaling, and Headroom (you can learn more about those concepts here). The TLDR is: Tetris Scaling makes sure you’re making the most efficient use of your compute, for example, automatically determining if running your containers on one XL instance is more cost-effective than running them on several medium instances. Headroom is what makes sure you always have some spare capacity for future workloads.

The Kubernetes Autoscaler is one of the most powerful features of the Spotinst DevOps Automation Platform, and with the new Autoscaler Visibility report – you can see exactly why, how, and when the Autoscaler takes action!

The K8s Autoscaler Visibility Report

The K8s Autoscaler Visibility Report

The Autoscaler Visibility report gives you full visibility into the Elastigroup Autoscaler decision process, you can see a snapshot of your instances before the action (scale up, scale down), the requirement that triggered the action, and the result after the action. See exactly how Spotinst optimizes your container infrastructure in real time!

To access the Autoscaler Visibility report go your Kubernetes Elastigroup and click on the “Log” tab. There, you’ll see every scaling action has a “View Details” option, which will take you to the report.