Kops 1.12.x Update: Multiple Instance Groups into one Spotinst Ocean.

We are thrilled to announce a significant improvement to Spotinst Ocean integration with Kops (Kubernetes Operations).

Our latest development for Kops with Spotinst Ocean is the capability to manage multiple launch specs in a single Spotinst Ocean Cluster.

Starting today, you will be able to create an Ocean cluster and maintain multiple instance groups, which in turn will be translated to the same amount of Launch Specifications in Spotinst Ocean.

Each Ocean launch spec will contain the instance group’s configuration, according to which nodes will be launched.

All it requires is adding the label below to your primary instance group (this label will be “false” by default in all the rest).

spotinst.io/ocean-default-launchspec: "true" 

From that point, Spotinst Ocean will handle the remaining actions and will create all of the required launch specs.

We are continuously working on developing new features to support the Kops suite users in order to ease their Kubernetes operations, Stay tuned!