KOPS 1.11 Adds Spotinst Integration for Creating Kubernetes Clusters

KOPS a nifty command-line utility that provides the easiest way to get a production-grade Kubernetes cluster up and running. With KOPS, you can create, destroy, upgrade and maintain production-grade, highly available, Kubernetes clusters from the command line.

Since we love Kubernetes here at Spotinst, we added support for creating KOPS clusters on Spot instances by creating a modified KOPS binary that can integrate with Elastigroup. The only downside was that users had to download our binary instead of using the vanilla version of KOPS. Luckily, that has changed for the better.

We are pleased to announce that starting in KOPS 1.11, Spotinst is now a supported integration. This means that you can download the official KOPS binary and deploy a Kubernetes Cluster easily on Spot Instances. We have updated the instructions in our official getting started guide so you can give it a try today!

To learn more about using KOPS on Spot instances, please check out our official documentation.