Introducing Traffic Shifting for Spotinst Functions -

Introducing Traffic Shifting for Spotinst Functions

You can now route incoming traffic between multiple versions of your Spotinst functions based on weights, letting you minimize deployment risk by gradually shifting traffic to newer versions.

Up until now, when updating your function, all incoming traffic would instantaneously be pointed to the latest version, without any option to limit the new code’s blast radius in the event of bugs or issues. Now, you can use the Spotinst console, APIs or CLI to easily define multiple “Active Versions” with assigned weights, and determine how incoming requests will get distributed. In the event of issues with the new version, you can quickly point the “Active version” to the latest stable version, letting you rollback with ease.

This feature is now available through the Spotinst console, APIs, and Serverless Framework CLI.

Visit our docs to learn more about this new feature.