Introducing the serverless experience for Amazon ECS

We are excited to introduce a serverless experience for Amazon ECS, with the new Spotinst ECS cluster-autoscaler. The ECS cluster-autoscaler completely abstracts away the infrastructure scaling layer, scaling capacity up and down to achieve optimized performance and minimize costs.

Starting today, you no longer have to define scaling policies or choose instance types/sizes to run containers. the new ECS cluster-autoscaler will choose the optimal instance type and size based on the resources consumed by your tasks. The ECS cluster-autoscaler listens to ECS task events that report Network port, CPUand,Memory utilization and leverages this information to ensure optimal task packing and instance selection, relieving you of the need to handle these issues yourself.

You can turn on the ECS cluster-autoscaler with one click. Simply select “Automatic” autoscaling when setting up your Elastigroup for ECS through the Spotinst API or console.

To learn more about the how the Spotinst ECS cluster-autoscaler operates, click here. The ECS cluster-autoscaler is a key feature of our recent Managed Container Service release.