Import Your Stateful Instance to Spotinst Managed Instance

With Spotinst Elastigroup, and more recently with Spotinst Managed Instance, you can run stateful workloads on Spot Instances, enjoying up to 90% cost reduction while ensuring Data and IP persistence. 

Today we are pleased to announce that Spotinst customers can now import any statesful single instance from an AWS account to a Spotinst Managed Instance. The new instance will have the same state as the original instance, including the root and data volumes and (optionally) the private IP of the original instance.

For details on how to start an import via the Spotinst API, see our API docs.

To import an existing instance via the Spotinst Console, head over to the Managed Instance section, click “New Instance”, and select the Import Instance option:

Stateful Application on Spot Instance