Import custom bootstrap actions when migrating an Amazon EMR cluster to Spotinst MapReduce

You can now import EMR bootstrap actions from S3 when creating a new Spotinst MapReduce Group from an existing Amazon EMR cluster, providing you with added flexibility.
Bootstrap actions are scripts that are run on the cluster nodes when Amazon EMR launches the cluster.

Spotinst lets you clone your Amazon EMR cluster and recreate it as a Spotinst MapReduce group running on Spot Instances. Spotinst MapReduce comes with a built-in autoscaler that automatically scales your task nodes up and down to optimize your costs.

Previously, when cloning an existing EMR cluster, Spotinst would recreate the cluster “as is”, leaving you with no option to customize bootstrap actions for the newly created Spotinst MapReduce Group without altering the original EMR cluster first. Now, upon creation, you can simply point the API to the location of custom bootstrap actions in S3, and Spotinst will create your new Spotinst MapReduce Group with the desired bootstrap actions.

To learn more about Spotinst MapReduce Groups, check out our documentation.