Health Checks Added to Elastigroup’s OpsWork Integration

We are pleased to announce that Elastigroup’s OpsWorks integration now allows users to add health checks to new and existing Elastigroups. Elastigroup uses Health Checks to determine when certain instances need to be proactively replaced. This new enhancement allows you to use OpsWorks Health Checks as a basis for scaling decisions that keep your applications resilient. Other Health Check options include EC2 and ELB To add a health check to an OpsWorks Elastigroup, edit the configuration and scroll down to the AUTO HEALING section and select OpsWorks for the Auto Healing type. Conclude the setup by specifying a Health Check Grace Period and Unhealthy Duration and click NEXT to finalize the changes.

There is also a new option available to perform OpsWorks health checks on a group roll:

To learn more about Elastigroup’s OpsWorks integration, please check out the official documentation.