Announcing Google Kubernetes Engine support

You can now leverage Spotinst Elastigroup and the MCS technology to reduce your GKE compute costs by up to 80% without compromising on availability, and without incurring extra overhead.

GKE is a managed Kubernetes service that completely eliminates the need to install and operate your Kubernetes clusters. To reduce compute costs, GKE clusters can be run on Preemptible VMs, which are priced 80% lower than standard Compute Engine VMs. However, Preemptible VMs provide no availability guarantees and last a max of 24 hours. While Preemptible VMs are highly attractive given their low price point, using them increases the difficulty of maintaining a highly available cluster, and adds management overhead for your cluster’s compute infrastructure.

Now, you can connect your GKE cluster to Spotinst with just a few clicks, and let Elastigroup MCS optimize and automate your infrastructure layer. Elastigroup will make sure to maintain Preemptible VMs in multiple zones and instance types for optimized availability, while also falling back to on demand when necessary.
Elastigroup comes with UI dashboards that provide you with enhanced visibility into your cluster, and with real-time monitoring capabilities at both the instance and container level.

Getting started with Elastigroup for GKE is easy. Simply visit the Spotinst console, navigate to the Elastigroup creation wizard, and select ‘GKE (powered by MCS)’.

To learn more about how you can save 80% on your GKE compute costs, visit our documentation.