Faster, clearer and richer cloud spend analysis with Spot by NetApp

Gaining visibility into cloud cost and driving greater overall efficiency is an ongoing  journey where you need a solid understanding of your organization’s cloud consumption before taking the necessary steps to optimize their spend. Here at Spot by NetApp we released Cloud Analyzer back in March 2020  to provide our customers with an in-depth view and analysis of their cloud costs so they can identify potential cloud waste and confidently implement and automate cost-efficiency measures with just a few clicks.

Today we  are proud to share a new and improved version of Cloud Analyzer based on the feedback from hundreds of our customers. These enhancements enable our customers to effortlessly get clearer and richer visibility into their cloud costs and usage.

Here are some key capabilities and features:

New database and spend analysis engine leverages distributed architecture, indexing, aggressive caching and streamlined ETL to provide a clear and accessible UI with faster retrieval for even greater amounts and combinations of data.

Advanced grouping and drill-down into spend based on region, accounts, tags, service, lifecycle/pricing model, charge type, usage type group, instance type, and OS give quick and comprehensive visibility into everything happening in your cloud.

AWS cost projections based grouped by account or service

Unique spend forecasting capabilities allows you to see projected costs broken down by accounts and services (see above screenshot). 

Improved tag monitoring allows you to track  your top 10 costliest key-values or to choose specific key-values for closer observation.

Advanced monitoring of AWS tags

New machine learning model incorporates seasonal correlations when analyzing historical data, delivering improved identification of patterns, trends and anomalies for highly accurate forecasting of costs during upcoming days, weeks, and months. 

Savings Plans support shows comprehensive and accurate distribution of all procurement types including on-demand, reservations, spot instances and Savings Plans for precise cost analysis and enhanced decision making. 

AWS EC2 spend breakdown by on-demand, spot, reserved instances and Savings Plans


Cloud cost analysis is only the first step

It’s important to note that even the best spend analysis tools don’t do much on their own. Someone must take the analysis and recommendations and implement them as the FinOps journey is not just around visibility, but what you can do with it.
Here at Spot by NetApp, Cloud Analyzer is the first step of the cloud cost optimization process where you can automate Cloud Analyzer’s recommendations with the other Spot products to drive up to 90% cloud compute cost savings – Elastigroup for autoscaling applications, Ocean for simplifying container infrastructure and Eco to manage your reserved capacity portfolio. 

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