Elastigroup’s Nomad Integration Goes Cloud Agnostic

Nomad is a cluster manager and scheduler for microservices by HashiCorp that supports cloud agnostic infrastructures. For Nomad to establish communication with different clouds, regions, or datacenters, each location must use a public IP address to communicate with each other and Elastigroup did not support this. We have had some of our customers that use Nomad have request support for using Public IP address with our Nomad integration. We always appreciate feedback from our customers and want to make them successful. We are happy to announce that now you can use Public IP addresses with Elastigroup’s Nomad Integration!

When configuring Nomad in Elastigroup, you can enter the Private IP and port of the Nomad server to establish communication. Elastigroup will then be able to identify and connect to the Nomad server according to its Public IP address.

To learn more about Elastigroup’s Nomad integration, please check out our official documentation.