Elastigroup Now Supports the New A1 Arm-based Instances on AWS

Amazon recently launched a new instance type optimized for performance and costs, powered by Arm-Based AWS Graviton Processors. From the AWS blog:

“Today we are launching EC2 instances powered by Arm-based AWS Graviton Processors. Built around Arm cores and making extensive use of custom-built silicon, the A1 instances are optimized for performance and cost. They are a great fit for scale-out workloads where you can share the load across a group of smaller instances. This includes containerized microservices, web servers, development environments, and caching fleets.”

You can now leverage the new A1 instances in your Elastigroup when selecting your mix of instances!

A1 instances are available in the US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland) in On-Demand, Spot, and Reserved Instance form.

To learn more about Spotinst on AWS, please check out our documentation and product pages.