ECS cluster with customizable blend of on-demand, spot and reserved instances for granular workload placement

Spot by NetApps’s Ocean now makes it easy to run your ECS tasks on any combination of on-demand, spot and reserved instances all within a single cluster.  

Ocean provides Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) users with an automated, serverless container experience. Previously, control over the underlying instances’ pricing model was limited to utilizing reserved instances and spot instances only. The ability to distinguish specific ECS services/tasks to run as on-demand instances (temporarily or permanently, i.e a DB service running a single task which causes a single point of failure) could not be applied in Ocean.

Our new capability allows ECS users to run specified services/tasks as on-demand instances together with services/tasks running on spot instances, all within the same Ocean cluster, using ECS configuration only. Simply adding a single tag to your ECS tasks will instruct Ocean to make sure those tasks run as on-demand instance at all times.

For further information please find the relevant Spot documentation