Easily customize your workflow when cloning an Amazon EMR cluster

You can now import EMR workflow steps from S3, letting you completely customize your EMR workflow when cloning an Amazon EMR cluster with Spotinst Elastigroup.

Previously, when cloning an EMR cluster, existing steps would be imported as is. Any necessary changes to the EMR workflow could be made manually after cluster creation has completed.

Starting today, you can configure Spotinst Elastigroup to automatically pull a set of steps from S3 as part of the EMR cloning process, which lets you clone an EMR cluster and configure its workflow in one API call.

  "mrScaler": {
    "name": "my EMR",
    "description": "Spotinst EMR",
    "region": "us-west-2",
    "strategy": {
      "cloning": {
        "originClusterId": "j-38EE27G2QY02I"


Importing EMR steps from S3 is now available via the Spotinst API. To learn more about the Spotinst EMR integration, click here.