Custom Headroom per Launch Specification

Today we are happy to release the latest feature for Spotinst Ocean – Custom Headroom per Launch Specification.

Headroom is a buffer of spare compute capacity, designed to help avoid the overhead of new pods or tasks pending for scale up to occur. Until today, the configuration was available only at a cluster level, and while providing a proactive advantage, addressing diversified clusters could still prove to be a challenge. In some cases the size of the headroom units would not fit all workload types due to variations in their resource requirements. In others, the type of compute resources used for the buffer, could not support a certain launch constraint.

These challenges are now resolved with our latest update, which is available for both Ocean K8s and Ocean ECS. Launch Specifications enable the management of different workload types on one Ocean cluster by letting users configure unique sets of configurations such as: labels, taints, AMI and user data script.

With the addition of custom Headroom per Launch Specification, it is possible to predefine a minimum amount of spare compute resources for every type of workload managed by the cluster. This ensures that the buffer of compute resources can accommodate the incoming load it’s designed to support, and provides administrators with additional flexibility, and visibility of their cluster.

Custom Headroom per Launch Specification is available now via API and Terraform.