Introducing Elastigroup Support For Azure’s Low Priority VMSS

We’re excited to announce that Elastigroup now supports Azure’s Low Priority using Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS), giving Azure users the ability to take advantage of up to 80% in cost savings while maintaining 100% availability.

Seamlessly Recover from Preemptions
Azure’s Low-Priority VMs (LPVMs) offer steep discounts relative to Regular Priority VMs, however, Azure may preempt (repossess) the VMs at any time. Using real-time and historical data Elastigroup predicts the preemption process and recovers the instances seamlessly and rebalances the capacity in your cluster ahead of time, maintaining the uptime of your services at the best possible price.

Elastigroup gives you the ability to easily scale your cluster across multiple VMs Types, Priorities, and AZs in the most cost-efficient way possible. You can easily create scaling policies based on your desired metrics (like CPU Utilization, Network Bandwidth or Requests per second) , to meet your business and application needs.

Manage Multiple VM Types
When working with Low-priority VMs, it is not recommended to rely on a single VM type, Priority and AZ for each VMSS, Elastigroup manages all of your VMs in a unified cluster, and optimizes the composition for your specific workload, leading to better availability and cost efficiency.
With Elastigroup you can utilize multiple VM types, Priorities and Availability Zones, giving you both improved availability and optimized cost-savings.

Auto-Heal Unhealthy VMs
While Azure provides significant cost savings with Low-Priority VMs, should an instance fail for any reason it is not replaced with a new one. Elastigroup continuously monitors the health of your cluster, identifies unhealthy VMs and automatically replaces them, all to ensure that your cluster is always at max productivity.

Effortlessly Schedule Scaling Operations
Many non-production resources – such as development, testing, and staging – are only needed during regular business hours (forty-to-sixty-hour work week).  You can use Elastigroup to automatically turn your resources off and bring it back to the very same state (Storage & Network).


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