Announcing the Spotinst Docker Swarm Autoscaler

Today, we release the Spotinst Docker Swarm Autoscaler, which automatically scales your docker swarm cluster up and down to ensure optimal resource utilization, while taking into account desired cluster availability, and memory and CPU allocations.

Docker Swarm is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers, which simplifies placement of Docker containers on nodes. While Docker Swarm helps reduce operational overhead of managing individual tasks, you still need to manage the underlying infrastructure – ensure that the cluster has ample room for all tasks and services to run, while minimizing the amount of resources left unutilized. The Spotinst Docker Swarm autoscaler manages cluster size for you, scaling up when tasks or services need to be scheduled, and scaling down when resources are left underutilized, leaving you with less operational overhead at the cluster-level, and a cost-optimized cluster.

You can easily get started with the Spotinst Docker Swarm Autoscaler using the Spotinst console, or APIs. To learn more about the in-cluster Spotinst Docker Swarm autoscaler, visit our documentation.