Import AWS workloads with just 4 clicks

Today, we released an improved import experience, which lets you stand up fully-operational AWS workloads with Spotinst in just 4 clicks.

Previously, when importing a workload to Spotinst, most of the workload attributes were automatically fetched. Still, in order to complete the import process, you had to enter some attributes manually (e.g. name, capacity, and instance types).

Starting today, all required Elastigroup attributes are fetched automatically from the imported workload, letting you import workloads with just 4 clicks. When importing a workload from AWS, you will automatically be redirected to the review page, letting you quickly complete your Elastigroup creation process.

Enhanced Import is available for the following resources:
Autoscaling Group, ELB environment, ECS Cluster, Single Instance and Stateful Instance.