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Since they were founded, Freshwork’s product suite has expanded to 11 products, including:  Freshsales, for sales teams; Freshrelease, for project management; and Freshcaller, a solution for call centers.  Freshworks has raised $250 million, to date, and is backed by Accel, Sequoia Capital, and CapitalG.  Freshworks now has over 2000 employees across 10 global office locations […]

The Challenge Trax’s system captures and analyzes images of shelves at retail stores. It then produces actionable data about how to best organize, price and promote the products on those shelves. This system is powered by advanced deep learning algorithms that process millions of images each month with actions such as image recognition and stitching […]

The Challenge In software development, applications commonly go through a lifecycle in isolated environments such as development, testing, and production. A common way to help automate testing and deploying code in each environment is by using CI/CD tools such as Jenkins. With Jenkins, you can have a cluster of machines ready to test and deploy […]

The Challenge Running Big Data workloads is common in the Account-based Marketing industry and requires a large number of computing resources. Demandbase utilizes hundreds of resource-intensive instances to process hundreds of terabytes of data. As Demandbase became more successful, their user base grew substantially and their infrastructure had to scale accordingly. At this point, costs […]

The Challenge Organizations are always looking for ways to enhance their customer experience with innovative features. Companies such as Glympse provide those organizations with an innovative way to enhance their customer interactions with technology that delivers shared real-time GPS information for commerce and services. When Glympse services are used in customer-facing applications or websites, customers […]

The Challenge Traiana enables global market participants to automate cross-asset risk management and pre-trade/post-trade processing, for both listed and over the counter transactions. They solve complex problems facing both the markets and individual organizations so that firms can implement the most cost-effective solution. Traiana worked with Spot to reduce their cloud computing operational costs, which […]

The Challenge Organizations that run their software on public cloud providers enjoy the simple deployments and ease of management but costs often become a concern as a business scales. As Cybereason grew rapidly, so did their AWS bill. Cybereason wanted to focus their investment on product and people, so they created a new mandate of […]

How can you prevent the rate of Infrastructure Cost Growth from overtaking the rate of Company Growth? Rapid growth is a great thing for any company. With companies who have heavy AWS usage, the positivity of this growth comes with one common caveat: with increased growth comes increased AWS infrastructure costs. For GumGum, the company’s […]

AWS Migration was time-consuming and potentially expensive In early 2017, SimilarWeb was faced with the task of migrating a massive on-prem system onto the cloud. Migrations are never going to be easy, but with many data-heavy workloads and various product needs to account for, the complexity of this task was overwhelming. It also can be […]

Leveraging spot in Dev, but what about Production? Demandbase, as a fast-growing company with many new features and product releases, always had an eye on their costs. “Our team knew that cloud costs could quickly get out of hand,” said Josh Schlanger, VP of DevOps at Demandbase. As part of their cost optimization efforts, Schlanger and […]