NetApp IT’s goal in the cloud was straightforward: develop and deploy software without hardware constraints, serve business applications on-demand, and downsize their data center footprint. Along with those capabilities NetApp IT was looking to gain, they were also well aware of the barriers they would face adopting public cloud infrastructure. Cost was a significant factor, […]

VTEX Enjoyed Large Reserved Instance Investment, but Pursued Better Utilization and more Cost-Efficient Scaling VTEX was always conscious of cost-efficiency, and as such invested heavily in reserved instances (RIs) to ensure consistent and long-lasting capacity at a reduced price. But acquiring a large amount of RIs wasn’t the end of their cost-efficiency journey. Two things […]

Developer Freedom Leads to Increased Agility but also Increased Cost Developer freedom is important to On the dot. The On the dot team have the ability to deploy and scale fast, yet this enhanced agility for the dev team comes with a trade-off: increasingly high costs. Don Tran, Head of Platform Services at On the […]

Ensuring Efficiency for Mission Critical DRM Before VUALTO launched, the team were focused on making sure that their DRM solution would be scalable, reliable and cost-efficient. One tempting method of greatly improving cost-efficiency was spot instances, with prices as much as 90% lower than on-demand EC2. But there were a few issues: VUALTO could not […]

Leveraging spot instances with other tools was challenging Postman’s VP of Engineering Shamasis Bhattacharya wanted to find ways to cut their rising cloud costs and viewed spot instances as an essential ingredient to doing so. But as a platform supporting nearly 5 million API developers, Postman needs their AWS environment to remain reliable. “As it […]