Introduction Porter is one of India’s leading logistics companies providing a spectrum of intra-city and inter-city services. They faced a dual challenge: a lean DevOps team and soaring cloud cost. Seeking a solution, Porter embarked on a transformative journey with Spot by NetApp. This journey resulted in a significant impact to their FinOps strategy by […]

Pivotree uses CloudCheckr and Spot Eco to manage their cloud and continuously monitor, manage & optimize their reserved commitment portfolio.

The Challenge Zalando, a European e-commerce company follows a platform approach, offering Fashion and Lifestyle products to customers in 17 European markets. With companies who are operating in such a large scale such as Zalando, the positivity of this growth comes with one common caveat: increased cloud infrastructure costs. In their journey of continuously optimizing […]

VTEX Enjoyed Large Reserved Instance Investment, but Pursued Better Utilization and more Cost-Efficient Scaling VTEX was always conscious of cost-efficiency, and as such invested heavily in reserved instances (RIs) to ensure consistent and long-lasting capacity at a reduced price. But acquiring a large amount of RIs wasn’t the end of their cost-efficiency journey. Two things […]

As Petlove’s Google Cloud compute spend increased, GKE became the main target for optimization Petlove’s compute usage spans both AWS and Google Cloud, the company adopting a multi-cloud strategy to ensure that their environments and workloads are always running in the most suitable cloud. However, this meant that cost reduction strategies would have to incorporate […]

The challenge of cutting costs as an enterprise B2W’s DevOps team is responsible for managing dozens of sites and mobile applications across many environments. With over 200M monthly visitors to their catalog of sites, B2W cannot afford any risk of downtime. In the past, they’ve looked to find various ways to reduce their cloud costs. […]

Wiser, based in San Francisco, California, is a leading company in the retailing sector, providing its customers with specialized data mining services, leveraging image recognition, analytics and insights about competitors. Wiser relies on AWS to run its designated crawling workers, and to run data mining processes, data transformations, and analytics for its clients. At Wiser, […]

Fast growth creates difficult architectural challenges As a growing e-commerce company facing nearly 5M visitors every month, the technical team faced many architectural challenges. Growing infrastructural systems is never easy, but when you grow as fast as Lenskart has, the challenges tend to pile up faster than estimated. For any e-commerce company, lowering COGS (cost […]