Challenge – Empowering Engineering Team While Containing EC2 Costs Chegg began their textbook rental business in 2005, running primarily as a monolithic web application, hosted in a colocation data center. After doing a forklift migration to AWS, they quickly realized that despite all the available instance types and flexible EC2 pricing, simply “running in the […]

Red Spark runs “Serverless Containers” with Elastigroup by Spot & Amazon ECS Running Amazon ECS clusters with Elastigroup by Spot allows you to dynamically scale the cluster up and down based on the actual Containers, Tasks, and Services utilization to ensure there are always sufficient resources to run all tasks. This is done by optimizing […]

Demand Spikes Cause Large Cost Increases for Wonderbly During Holiday Season Due to the nature of their business, the Wonderbly infrastructure scales a large amount during the build up to the holiday season. With compute-heavy rendering processes scaling up intensely over the course of a short period of time, Wonderbly were looking for a solution […]