“Serverless Containers” with Elastigroup & Amazon ECS Running Amazon ECS clusters with Elastigroup by Spot allows you to dynamically scale the cluster up and down based on the actual Containers, Tasks, and Services utilization to ensure there are always sufficient resources to run all tasks. This is done by optimizing task placement across the cluster […]

For the last 23 years, Walla!News has been running their workloads on-premise, managing the server hardware themselves. But with over 1.5 million active mailboxes, real-time broadcasts, and traffic that constantly scales, Asi, Walla!News’s CTO, decided that moving to the public cloud was inevitable. “We are a publisher in a dynamic and competitive environment which require […]

Demands of Cloud Migration & Growth Don’t Leave Time For Cost Optimization The News UK team, headed by Technical Integration Manager Nikhil Gupta, was always focused on maintaining and growing the company, servicing its tens of millions of daily readers being a higher priority for the team than optimizing costs. The team first improved analysis […]