About ironSource Since 2010, ironSource has been empowering the two core constituents of the app economy, app developers and telecom operators, to focus on what they do best – create great apps and user experiences. The company’s growth has been accompanied by a rise in the number of compute instances and associated EC2 costs. Spot by NetApp Benefits […]

About Fyber Founded in 2009 HQ: Berlin Industry: Software Fyber is an app monetization company with a platform that supports more than 10,000 mobile apps and games. Spot by NetApp Benefits Automated, flexible infrastructure to support dynamic Kubernetes applications Eliminate manual infrastructure management Integration with Terraform for fully automated environments Efficient resource allocation to reduce […]

Challenge: Keeping Cloud Costs Low While Managing Disruptions in a Microservices Framework Carbon processes over 1 billion events every day (including intent signals, context, brand affinity, browsing behavior & demographics) and by integrating with other parts of the marketing technology stack such as ad-servers, demand side platforms (DSPs) and content management platforms, Carbon turns those […]

The Challenge When the Demandbase engineering team shifted to a microservices architecture for their ad bidding systems, Kubernetes was the container orchestrator of choice. With a dynamic infrastructure deployed across 4 AWS regions, their bidding apps require bursting up to ~3000 nodes at different times all around the world. To ensure that their proprietary, Demand-Side […]

Spotad Keen on Spot Instances, but Environments Don’t Seem Immediately Compatible Like any forward-thinking business, Spotad always kept one eye on their rising EC2 costs. Naturally, as the company went from success to success, these costs began to increase and Tal Maizels, CTO at Spotad, was determined to find a way to manage these rising […]

How can you prevent the rate of Infrastructure Cost Growth from overtaking the rate of Company Growth? Rapid growth is a great thing for any company. With companies who have heavy AWS usage, the positivity of this growth comes with one common caveat: with increased growth comes increased AWS infrastructure costs. For GumGum, the company’s […]

Magnetic’s EC2 Spot Implementation Restricted by Time Consuming Processes and Hadoop Complexities   “Spot isn’t just a vendor to us, they’re a partner we know we can work with.” – James Marcus, VP of Technical Operations Posted on Magnetic.com, Magnetic sought to migrate 90% of workloads to EC2 Spot within a year, while 30% of […]

In this case study, we would like to share how PubNative has managed to lower their AWS infrastructure costs while improving performance and increasing their applications’ availability using Elastigroup by Spot. The Challenge PubNative’s clients are dispersed globally and need real-time data analytics. This requires complex orchestration across multiple AWS regions and accounts. Over time, […]

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding (formerly known as Campanja) provides a predictive bidding engine for online advertising allowing their customers to maximize each dollar spent on search advertising (Google AdWords and Bing Ads). [24]7 Predictive Bidding utilizes Real Time Tracking, Predictive Modelling, and High-Frequency Bidding to harness the power of online advertising […]

Powerlinks journey to reduce costs Powerlinks runs over 1000 instances and reducing cloud costs became a major concern. “Our costs were increasing dramatically, so we needed to find way to reduce them quickly” said Ollie Finn, CTO at PowerLinks. Powerlinks began to explore various ways to reduce costs without making any architectural changes. As heavy […]