How it all started Directeam CEO, Hagai Tobelem, first heard of Spot back in early 2016 when he was a potential customer himself. As he was responsible for his company’s cloud infrastructure, he was working on real-time applications characterized by spiky workloads and was searching for a way to reduce costs, while supporting the company’s […]

The Challenge Trax’s system captures and analyzes images of shelves at retail stores. It then produces actionable data about how to best organize, price and promote the products on those shelves. This system is powered by advanced deep learning algorithms that process millions of images each month with actions such as image recognition and stitching […]

The Data Place Seek Optimization for Google Cloud Workloads The Data Place development team has always been focused on using the infrastructure best tailored to their individual needs, but are particularly aware that optimizing infrastructure is a pivotal part of their business strategy. For their business, the team decided to use Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) […]

As Petlove’s Google Cloud compute spend increased, GKE became the main target for optimization Petlove’s compute usage spans both AWS and Google Cloud, the company adopting a multi-cloud strategy to ensure that their environments and workloads are always running in the most suitable cloud. However, this meant that cost reduction strategies would have to incorporate […]