Walla! News Runs its Amazon ECS Clusters on Elastigroup by Spot

"Serverless Containers" with Elastigroup & Amazon ECS

Running Amazon ECS clusters with Elastigroup by Spot allows you to dynamically scale the cluster up and down based on the actual Containers, Tasks, and Services utilization to ensure there are always sufficient resources to run all tasks. This is done by optimizing task placement across the cluster in a process we call Tetris Scaling, and by automatically managing Headroom – a buffer of spare capacity (memory and CPU) that makes sure you can scale more containers without having to wait for new instances to be provisioned.

When you configure an ECS cluster to work Elastigroup, you achieve “Serverless Containers” as your developers can deploy Tasks, Services and Containers safely, Elastigroup will always find a place for them to run in the cluster and will scale down the cluster to zero if needed.


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