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Unify AWS EC2 Auto Scaling groups for containerized workloads

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Ocean by Spot is a fully managed solution for your Kubernetes and/or AWS ECS data plane, with the goal of delivering a serverless container experience for application developers. With that in mind, we are excited to announce that users can now import AWS Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs) into Ocean via the Spot Console.  

Many of our customers have production clusters on AWS, whether they are using DIY Kubernetes (e.g. kops, kubeadm, etc), Elastic Compute Service (ECS), or Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Application teams deploying to these container platforms have unique requirements for infrastructure provisioning, lifecycle, scaling, availability and cost. These requirements are defined by AWS ECS Cluster Capacity Provider, AWS EKS Node Groups, or kops Instance Groups and are then mapped to AWS Auto Scaling Groups. Within Ocean, Launch Specifications align directly to AWS ASGs, allowing the user to configure multiple workload types on the same Ocean cluster.     

Easier to operate Ocean in production environments

The typical Platform team that runs these clusters are often fairly small and have many different responsibilities. In an effort to automate additional day-to-day tasks, this new capability will significantly reduce the friction of importing ASGs into Ocean Launch Specifications. Previously, users had to  import existing clusters or ASGs with the Spot API. While this continues to be a useful automation paradigm, it’s harder to work through for new users, DevOps engineers and SREs who are still building expertise on Ocean. 

With this new capability, ASGs are imported directly via the Spot Console, eliminating the need for a user to copy/paste information from multiple screens in order to build a usable API. This reduces the risk of error and makes the process more efficient, with overall import time dropping from ~15 minutes to under 1 minute.  

Starting today, all Ocean customers can take advantage of this capability. Simply navigate to Launch Specifications in the Actions menu and choose “Add Launch Specification”. It will prompt with a menu that allows you to manually create one or choose from amongst any of your existing ASGs.  

simplifying AWS EC2 Auto Scaling groups 

Alternatively, if you wish to set up automation via Infrastructure-as-Code primitives, refer to our API/Terraform documentation. 

Easier way to get started with Ocean 

Customers interested in doing a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) are now a few clicks away from running an Ocean cluster with their existing AWS ECS, EKS or DIY Kubernetes (e.g. Kops, Kubeadm, etc) container offering.

Get started today!