Spotinst's Latest Updates - Nov. 15' -

Spotinst’s Latest Updates – Nov. 15′

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Support in multiple accounts!

If you have more than one Spotinst account, you can now easily switch between them without having to log out and back into the system each time.

To switch between your accounts

  1. Click on your email address at the top right side of the page
  2. Go to Accounts and choose the account you want to access




Statistics board

In the statistics board, you can find valuable information on the performance and utilization of your running instances such as CPU, network, memory, and more. You can filter each instance separately or compare many together and check their statistics over different time frames. By using this valuable information, Spotinst is finding the most suitable instances for your specific workload.

How to access the statistic board?

  1. Go to Elasticgorup section
  2. Click on the menu at the right side of each group section and click on “Statistics”


The statistic board will look something like:


Advanced options

  1. Filter instances – Click / Un-click the instances names
  2. Filter time frames – Zoom or scroll the chart with your mouse



Elasticgroup Scheduler5_elasticgroup-scheduler

Stop Paying for Idle Compute Instances

By using Elastigroup scheduler you can simply schedule on/off times for your idle cloud computing services. It might be one of your Test or Development environments or just a service that you don’t use 24/7.



Floating 6_floating-elastic-ipsElastic IPs

Elastigroup allows you to create a Floating Elastic IP address, which will be associated with the instances that are in your group. In case of a failure, the elastic IP address will be re-associate immediately with another active Spot server in the group.

Simply use Floating Elastic IPs from the Create / Edit Elastic group wizard, under launch specification.



IAM Role

You can now launch an Elastigroup and easily associate IAM role with the instances. It’s available for use via the Elastigroup create/edit wizard under the launch specification section.



Health Check

Elasticgroup periodically performs health checks on the instances in your groups and identifies any instances that are unhealthy. After Elasticgroup marks an instance as unhealthy, it is scheduled for replacement. Start using it today from the Elasticgroup Create / Edit wizard or via the API

"launchSpecification": { "healthCheckType" : "ELB || EC2", "healthCheckGracePeriod" : 300,



Talk With Us!


The Spotinst support team is now available 24/7 directly from the console UI. Feel free to contact us at any time for any matter!

That’s all folks! (for now)