Spotinst Expands its Activity into the APAC Market -

Spotinst Expands its Activity into the APAC Market

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Tel Aviv,  2017/July/11: Spotinst Ltd. (Tel Aviv; Amiram Shachar, CEO) entered a contract with ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Iwasawa, president), forming a partnership to provide solutions using Spotinst cost reduction platform.

Spotinst excited to announce a new collaboration with ABeam Consulting, Tokyo, Japan.

The APAC region is the fastest growing market in the Cloud Computing domain, all leading Cloud providers are investing a large number of funds and efforts in order to make their mark in the region; Microsoft Azure operates 13 Regions in Asia and about to launch  2 more this year in South Korea, AWS currently operates 6 regions and Alibaba, the fastest growing Cloud provider operates already 10 data centers in the area.

The demand for public cloud services in Asia Pacific is expected to grow – Leading industry analysts predict that the region will account for $11.5 billion in Cloud services in 2018 (Gartner), with Japan as a market leader.

Spotinst allows companies to reliably run their production and mission-critical applications at 60-80% less by providing predictability and high-availability in the Amazon EC2 Spot Market, Microsft Low-priority VMs, Google Preemptible VMs and Private spot market.

ABeam Consulting provides business transformation services that create strategic advantage, improve business processes, leverage technology innovation, and enhance organizational performance for leading multinational and domestic companies worldwide. Headquartered in Tokyo, ABeam’s 4,700 professionals serve more than 700 clients throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Through the collaboration, ABeam Consulting will provide Spotinst product sales, implementation support, and services that integrate its own solutions and Spotinst platform.

Spotinst provides a proprietary AI predictive algorithms for reliable access to the EC2 Spot Instances and Azure’s Low Priority VMs, which enables dramatic cost reduction, by 50% to 80%, while ensuring high-availability for production and mission-critical applications.

The new partnership with Abeam would allow Spotinst to step into the vast growing APAC market and help new clients to reduce 80% of their cloud computing costs while keeping 100% of availability.

Amiram Shachar, Spotinst CEO & Co-Founder:

“I am happy to expand to Japan as Spotinst always looks for new opportunities to grow. I welcome ABeam to the Spotinst warm family. I’m sure that together we will enter the growing APAC market and help new clients to reduce their compute costs.”