Spot Eco: Introducing a faster, more flexible dashboard

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With Eco’s automated reservation management, maximizing savings on your cloud bill and increasing your team’s bandwidth is easy. The new dashboard now includes responsive modular components and an improved commitment filter, so tracking savings and monitoring your environment is even easier.  

Modular Components – API driven and responsive 

With responsive modular components, each visualization is its own widget functioning independently. This allows the dashboard to load quicker, populating each component as soon as its visualization is ready. Additionally, if the page is resized, the components will respond independently and flow down the page to ensure readability. 



The images above show how the components of the Eco Dashboard reflow responsively 

Commitment Details Filter includes AND/OR operator 

The commitment details filter allows you to drill down into your environment and view the details on specific instance types, regions, services, and more. By using the new AND/OR operator, you can now group multiple options per category, allowing filters to fit business use cases more closely. 


The image above shows the commitment details for c5.large and m4.large instances in the environment 

Eco’s dashboard is now faster and more flexible, offering deep insights on savings and visibility on your commitments with a few simple clicks.

Interested in getting started? Schedule a demo and cost analysis to see how Eco can help.