New! Elastigroup for Google Cloud Platform is Available -

New! Elastigroup for Google Cloud Platform is Available

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Google Cloud Platform with our brand-new Elastigroup for GCE. After great success with Elastigroup for EC2, we’ve expanded our coverage of public cloud providers with more fun planned for 2016.

Elastigroup for GCE allows you to launch and manage an entire fleet of Preemptible VMs as part of a web or any distributed application.

Scale without worrying about the cost

You can manage thousands of Preemptible VMs, together with On-Demand VMs in the same fleet, maintaining a fixed amount of On-Demand instances to satisfy your workload needs, while scaling infinite Preemptible resources whenever you need. 

Getting the most out of your sustained usage discount

Elastigroup takes advantage of Google sustained use discounts and keeps long-running instances for the longest time possible to achieve maximum discount from Google.

Under the hood – Spotinst’s Technology makes the difference

Before launching a Preemptible VM, Elastigroup discovers Google Compute Engines available capacity, and monitors over time the changes in capacity in each zone and instance type or size (standard, highmem or highcpu) with the goal of running the desired workload at the most stable, predictable, and top performance level and of course, at the lowest cost possible.

Restarting a Preemptible VM that just got Preempt by Google, will most likely not going to start again due to capacity limitations. In the event where Elastigroup catches any unexpected ‘Preempt Operation’, Elastigroup immediately re-launch an instance in the most available zone it finds.

Auto Scaling, Powerful instance replacement and connection draining

Elastigroup helps you maintain application availability and allows you to scale your capacity up or down automatically according to conditions you define. Elastigroup currently supports Auto Scaling based on:



As stated by Google, Preemptible VMs are valid for no more than 24 hours, and sometimes even less. Therefore, several hours before a Preemptible VM is likely to expire, Elastigroup provisions a new replacement Preemptible VM, and safely drain the old Preemptible VMs, This means that you can your workload without impacting your customers’ experience.

This feature is also integrated with our Auto-Scaling, making it even easier to manage the capacity behind your HTTP / Network load balancer.


How it works?

Create Elastigroup for GCE and specify the following :

  • Target, Minimum and Maximum Capacity.
  • Scaling policies – Scale based on CPU or other Google Cloud Monitoring Metrics
  • Compute, Storage and Network Preferences -The quantities and types of instances that you would like to launch, and how you want them to be configured, GCE Zones, Your boot images, Disks, Network, startup -scripts (docker, chef, puppet etc..)
  • (Optional) HTTP \ Network Load Balancer Integration – You can select your desired backend service, and we will register every Preemptble Instance with the Backend Service upon creation

See it in action



As always, we value your feedback,

Try using Elastigroup for GCP today!


Best Regards,

The Spotinst Team.