March 2016 Release Notes ! -

March 2016 Release Notes !

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Say Hello to Mr.Scaler!

Our brand new enhanced version for running EMR clusters! We’ve added additional improved functionality to help you create, manage and run your EMR clusters with Spotinst.

Mr.Scaler provides 3 key features:
Sophisticated Spot market selection – chooses the most economical Availability Zone and the optimal distribution of Instance Types using enhanced price prediction algorithm.

Spot Recovery – Ahead of any Spot failure, Mr.Scaler will re-balance EC2 capacity to minimize the effect on your EMR clusters.

Intelligent Auto Scaling – Based on your workload (CPU, Job Queues, etc.) or your schedule (Specific time or date) you can now dynamically increase the number of EC2 instances during demand spikes in order to maintain performance and decrease capacity during lulls to reduce costs.



HOT! CloudFormation integration in less than 3 minutes!

As developers and DevOps engineers want to manage their infrastructure as a code using tools like AWS CloudFormation and HasiCorp Terraform.

Spotinst is happy to release an easy integration for CloudFormation that ease the process of using Elastigroup custom resource, as part of a CloudFormation stack.


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.27.43 AM


Top Monthly Spending Breakdown Widget

Enjoy this widget in order to reveal how much you spend on each AWS service and further optimize your infrastructure.

NOTE: if there is no data available in this widget you need to make sure that ‘Receive Billing Alerts’ option is ‘ENABLED’ in your AWS Console.



Detach running instances from your Elastigroup

Easily detach instances from the Elastigroup screen in one click!

This will safely remove and drain the instance from the Elastigroup. When detaching the instance you have the option to either terminate the instance and trigger a recovery operation or decrement the group’s capacity.



Personal Access Tokens

When it comes to dealing with the API, personal access tokens work the same as OAuth tokens.

You can now generate API tokens directly from the Spotinst console application and use it permanently to make calls to our API.



AWS CodeDeploy Integration Made Easy!

Starting from now you can easily integrate Elastigroup cluster with AWS CodeDeploy


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.27.43 AM


Elastic Load Balancer Signal Support

The new Spotinst-lb-signal can send a signal to your Elastigroup to indicate whether EC2 instances have been successfully created or updated.

If you install and configure software applications on instances, you can signal Spotinst Elastigroup when these software applications are ready. Spotinst will register / de-register the instances from Amazon ELB \ Google Load Balancer or your HA-Proxy Load Balancer.

More signal operations will be supported soon – stay tuned!



Group Roll (Blue/Green) Improvements


You can now define a grace period in order to check the newly (Green) instances healthiness before moving on the next Batch. In case the instances are unhealthy within this time frame, the Roll process will stop and will not continue to the next batch.


Dashboard Updates

Total number of Spots and ODs – By hovering the ‘Running Instances’ block in your dashboard, you can see how many On-Demand and Spot instances you have currently running in your entire account.


Scaling Action – Percentage Adjustment – You can now set the scaling actions to increase/decrease the capacity by percentage of your running instances (for example scale up 50% of the group capacity)



That’s all folks!

The Spotinst Team.