Inneractive Customer Success Story

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Inneractive is a mobile ad exchange that provides technologies for the buying and selling of mobile advertising space. The company provides mobile app developers with access to an international portfolio of advertising networks, connecting brands to applications. Inneractive serves content to more than 450 million unique users a month.


The Challenge- Millions of requests per minute, 100% uptime

R&D Group Manager Gal Aviv explains: “The load on servers is very high, Providing these many ads creates a few billion requests on our servers each day – around three to five million per minute. We handle tens of millions of transactions per minute and aggregate roughly 15–20 terabytes of raw data each day. Analyzing this data helps improve performance and generate revenue for our app publishers.”

Uptime is absolutely key for Inneractive. “We can’t allow services to be disrupted even for a second. Serving up a black square in place of an ad would make for a terrible user experience,” says Aviv. “We can’t go over 200 milliseconds, on average, to serve an ad,” says Aviv. “Most of the time it’s about 100–150 milliseconds. That’s a big ask when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of incoming requests per second.”

Spotinst – Reduce 50-80% of cloud computing costs with 100% availability

By partnering with Spotinst and using Spot instances, Inneractive has saved money while maintaining the performance of its platform.  “The company has saved tens of thousands of dollars. That’s between 20% – 30% of our total monthly AWS bill. I was able to maintain good performance more easily, while further reducing infrastructure costs. Our board is very happy.”

It took the DevOps team at Inneractive just two days to configure its infrastructure to run on Spotinst. “Our setup is complicated because we have a lot of different Auto Scaling groups,” says Aviv, “but the Spotinst dashboard is very easy to work with and we get a good overview of stats.”

About Spotinst

Spotinst allows companies to reliably run their production and mission-critical applications at a fraction of the computing price (60-80% less) by providing predictability and high-availability in the Amazon EC2 Spot Market, Microsft Low-priority VMs and Google Preemptible VMs.