How to run your production workloads on Amazon’s EC2 spot instances -

How to run your production workloads on Amazon’s EC2 spot instances

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As one of the most effective ways to dramatically reduce cloud compute infrastructure costs, EC2 spot instances have always played a role in managing cloud costs, with the eye-popping potential of up to 90% cost reduction. However, the fact that AWS can interrupt them at any given time, has not done much for their popularity. Yet in today’s volatile global economy, companies need to explore how to use this powerful means of cost reduction all while ensuring high availability.  

In our 2020 white paper on using EC2 spot instances for mission-critical workloads, we share unique insights gleaned from the data of over 1,000 Spot by NetApp customers running a broad range of workloads, on over 65,000 EC2 spot instances (~14.2 million CPU resources) on a daily basis. These insights represent a form of “crowd-wisdom” and can prove instructive in how you too can use spot instances to dramatically cut your cloud costs. 

Practical tips and insights for using EC2 spot instances 

In our guide for using EC2 spot instances you will learn: 

  • Which types of workloads can be reliably run on spot instances (with case studies and examples provided)
  • Which EC2 spot instances are most popular and for which use cases
  • Which container orchestrators are most commonly used with spot instance 
  • What type of stateful workloads are running on spot instances 
  • How to find the best priced EC2 spot instances across the globe 
  • And much more…. 

Graph of AWS EC2 Spot Instances Workloads

For all the guidance, information and insights we collected, feel free to download our guide for using EC2 spot instances today!