How to manage your Spotinst organization users

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SaaS platforms can provide great benefits to companies of all industries and sizes.
When on-boarding with a specific SaaS platform, companies require the ability to uphold their own governing and administration structure. For example, you might desire to provide different users with different sets of permissions or create different accounts to achieve logical separation (e.g. for different business units). This blog post outlines and describes the organization, account and user-level administration options provided in the Spotinst platform.

Organizations are top-level grouping constructs at Spotinst and can hold multiple Spotinst accounts. Organizations let you centralize management of accounts in terms of Billing, User Management, and permissions. In turn, each Spotinst account is associated with a cloud account.


Each user in an organization is granted a role. A user’s role determines what they can and cannot do. Roles can be defined either at the organization level or at the account level.

Organization Roles

  • Admin
    • Users assigned to this role gain full-access permissions that apply to all accounts within the organization. Admin users can manage security options, add/remove other users, add/remove payment methods, and create, delete and modify Spotinst resources.
  • User
    • Users assigned to this role have no permissions at the organization level. In order to gain account access, these users have to be assigned to specific account roles, which determine the level of access the user is granted for each corresponding account.

Account Roles

  • Editor
    • Users assigned to this role are granted full-access permissions on the account, including account user management, create, delete and modify resources.
  • Viewer
    • Users assigned to this role are granted read-only permissions, which let users view the account configuration including resources and events.
  • Prohibit Access
    • Users assigned to this role are not allowed to access the account and its resources.

Manage Your Users

Organization Tab

Visible only to organization admins, the organization tab allows the admins to manage and create new admins, map users to accounts and set their role.

To add a user, simply click ‘ADD USER’

Fill in the user full name and email address, then map it to accounts and set their role.

Account Tab

Visible to Org Admins and account editors, the account tab allows users with the necessary permissions to manage and create other users within the account and set their account role.

To add a user, simply click ‘ADD USER’

Fill in the user full name and email address then set its’ role.


Spotinst provides a simple and intuitive way to control your users and set their permission set across the organization. I hope that you find this article helpful.
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