Getting Started With Elastigroup Autoscaler -

Getting Started With Elastigroup Autoscaler

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Elastigroup’s auto-scaling delivers unprecedented functionality and has been designed specifically for running economical workloads at the maximum performance that scales up and down dynamically based on the application’s load.

The manner by which Spotinst enables this resiliency is through the use of sophisticated algorithms and a highly developed workload management strategy that ensure maximum up-time at the absolute minimal cost.

Some of the features enabled by Elastigroup are:

  • Accurate workload predictability
  • Earlier and more advanced termination notifications
  • Highly effective Spot bidding strategies
  • Workload optimization feedback by many dimensions such as machine type, A.Z., load, etc…
  • Dynamic Scaling Thresholds
  • Safe Application Draining with AWS Elastic Load Balancer and Google HTTP Load Balancer.
  • Prioritized utilization of existing, unused Reserved Instances
  • Advanced Termination policies. e.g. [‘expensive/risky’ instances, Low-performance instances, closest to next hour billing]


Figure A’ shows the real time Reserved Instances utilization, where Elastigroup chooses unused reservations to utilize first.

Scaling based on your metrics

Spotinst Autoscaling gives you tremendous scale up/down flexibility with a broad range of standard and custom metrics to configure your automated provisioning.


Shows the CloudWatch Alarm \ Other application measurement in real time

Take control with robust reporting

You can easily analyze scaling trends and any anomalies in your cluster with our high-level and in-depth visualizations.

Easy To Setup

You can either setup Elastigroup with a simple 4 step wizard or simply import an existing Auto Scaling Group from your AWS account.

Watch this quick start guide for more information: