Optimized billing and customer management for AWS MSPs

Cloud MSPs or managed service providers are great at helping companies properly leverage the public cloud, typically handling cloud strategy, implementation and day-to-day operations for their customers 

However, when it comes to things like customizable billing, analyzing cloud spend per customer, optimizing cost and increasing profit margins, MSPs are over-burdened with complex, manual processes.  

With over 150 official AWS MSPs and many more cloud consultants and integrators, we are excited to launch Spot by NetApp’s Eco for MSP which provides comprehensive solutions to these unique requirements of cloud resellers 

Account grouping for easier customer management  

With Eco for MSP, AWS accounts can be grouped into subsets, each representing a specific MSP customer. For enterprises using Eco for MSPsubsets can be used to group sub-accounts that are associated with different business units or projects.  

Creating a subset allows the MSP to easily define distinct financial unit—each comprised of one or more AWS sub-accountsfor billing, cost assessmentand optimization as well as to provide the end-customer access to a unified view of their cloud spendLearn more about Eco for MSP subsets. 

grouping of AWS accounts

Customizable billing rules, validation and invoicing alignment

As MSPs often act as middlemen between AWS and the customer, they typically will offer custom pricing to each endcustomer. However, validating that a given pricing model will actually be profitable for a specific end-customer can be complex and tedious. Furthermore, end-customers often demand visibility into their cloud spend and MSPs needs to provide a UI that shows usage and cost that accurately reflects their custom billing rules and actual invoices.  

Eco for MSP addresses both of these challenges allowing MSPs to easily create Eco Workflows, customizable billing rules that can that can be applied to one or more subsets of accounts. Some common examples of billing rules include either sharing or withholding the benefits of EDP, RI, Savings Plans and volume discountsbut Eco’s billing engine can be configured to support any custom billing rule. Learn more about Eco for MSP Workflows and custom billing. 

AWS MSP custom billing rules

Billing rule validation 

Once these Workflows are created, reports can be run against existing customer subsets to evaluate the business impactassess if pricing is competitive and determine if they will generate a healthy profit margin for each and every customer subset. Reports can also be run across different AWS regions, services and more, so these evaluations can show the varying impact of custom billing across them all. 

Cloud cost visibility that matches invoicing 

Cloud MSPs need to see both their aggregate, high-level spend for all their customers to understand overall trends, identify unusual spending as well as opportunities for optimizing cost across all managed accounts.  

However, they also need the capability to drill-down and perform the same analysis for each and every customer subset. This allows the MSP to provide a transparent view to the end-customer showing them how much they are spending, on what, and how this spend can be fully optimized. 

Eco for MSP enables all this, making it easy to visualize cloud spend by tags, accounts, services, instance types, regions, pricing models and other criteriaboth on the aggregate MSP level and individual end-customer level—while aligning the cost seen in Eco’s dashboards with custom billing rules that perfectly match the customers’ invoice.  


Increase profitability with AWS Saving Plans, RIs and spot instances, all risk-free 

Eco for MSP’s integration with Spot by NetApp’s original Eco product delivers all the cost benefits of AWS Savings Plans and RIs while eliminating the financial lock-in and risk typically associated with themIn addition, integration with Spot by NetApp’s Elastigroup and Ocean products, allows MSPs to reliably leverage EC2 spot instances for even mission-critical workloads. This can reduce compute spend by up to 90%, not to mention simplify infrastructure management for the MSP’s devops team.  

All combined, MSPs not only benefit from the powerful billing and multi-level visibility capabilities of Eco for MSP, but can also offer far lower cloud computing rates than competitors, while still creating a massive profit margin. 

Check out Eco for MSP today!