AWS Managed Service Providers Can Now Drive Greater Cost-Efficiency

Cloud Analyzer for AWS Managed Service Providers blog

With over 140 official AWS MSPs, each with hundreds and even thousands of AWS accounts under management, the need for an MSP-oriented cloud cost management solution is real. Cloud MSPs or managed service providers help companies properly leverage the cloud with expert services in the areas of cloud infrastructure and application migration. They will typically consult or fully handle cloud workload planning, implementation, day-to-day operationand cost optimization for their clientsBut when it comes to things like understanding cloud spend per customer, driving higher cost-efficiency, billing and related areas, MSPs are often burdened with complex and manual cost analysisThis is why we are pleased to announce Spot by NetApp’s Cloud Analyzer MSP version which addresses the unique requirements of cloud MSPs.  

Cloud Cost Visibility for All 

Cloud MSPs need to see both their aggregate, high-level spend for all their customers to understand overall trends, identify unusual spending as well as opportunities for optimizing cost across all managed accounts. However, they also need the capability to drill-down and perform the same analysis for each and every customer “subset”This allows the MSP to play a consultative role with their customers, showing them how much they are spending, on what, and how this spend can be fully optimized.  

Cloud MSP cost and profit report creation

Spot’s Cloud Analyzer for MSP enables all this with a dedicated solution for cloud managed service providers, making it easy to slice and dice cloud spend by tags, accounts, services, instance types, regions, pricing models and other criteria – both on the macro and micro level.  

Custom Billing and Showback 

As MSPs often act as middlemen between AWS and the customer, they typically will offer custom pricing to each end userSo, while AWS will be charging the MSP one price – possibly based on a volume or reserved capacity discount – the MPS might charge the customer regular rates (e.g., on-demand) and maybe even charge a premium as part their overall service package. Of course, each MSP will have their own, unique business logic built into their billing and the end user, when viewing their cloud costs, will see whatever the MSP wants them to see.  

Spot’s Cloud Analyzer for MSP allows the MSP to view each customer’s actual spend in AWS as well as the profit margin based on their customizable billing rules and customer rates (see MSP Subsets view below) On the customer side, they will have full access to all Cloud Analyzer dashboard and reports, but will see their cost as defined by the MSP’s billing logic.

Cloud MSP view actual customer cost vs. charge and profit margin  

Drive Customer Satisfaction AND Increase Profitability by Up to 90% 

Providing customers with clarity into what they are spending is certainly a nice way for MSPs to create stickiness. However, Spot’s Cloud Analyzer takes it so much further. Full integration with Spot’s suite of cloud cost optimization tools such as Elastigroup and Oceanallows MSPs to reliably leverage EC2 spot instances for even mission-critical workloads. This can reduce compute spend by up to 90%, not to mention simplify infrastructure management for the MSP’s devops team. Likewise, Spot’s Eco increases utilization of AWS Savings Plans and RIs helping drive an average of 40% higher savings than a DIY approach to committed cloud capacity.  

All combined, MSPs not only benefit from the multi-level visibility and billing capabilities of Cloud Analyzer, but can offer far lower cloud computing rates than competitors, while still creating a massive profit margin. 

Summary of Cloud Analyzer for MSP Features and Benefits 

  • All public clouds allow cost management capabilities at a certain level. But when it comes to MSP capabilities such as cost analysis views based on adjusted end customer rates, the options are limited.
  • In most platforms, MSP features are either hidden or mixed with the rest of the product features. Cloud Analyzer for MSP honors the MSP capabilities with dedicated product areas that aim to support MSP needs such as customer level views, spend drill-down based on pre-defined customer subsets, MSP cost vs customers charges and more.  
  • Cloud Analyzer for MSP’s billing engine is based on best practices gleaned from collaborating with leading MSPs and incorporating their feedback into our design.   
  • Cloud Analyzer for MSP capabilities can be used MSPs as well as resellers or large enterprises that need to analyze costs based on business units and other logical subsets.
  • In addition to a full visibility MSP dashboard, Cloud Analyzer for MSP offers comprehensive reporting module (beta) that allows the MSP to generate reports based on the selected customers, according to required criteria, while applying billing rules over time.
  • Cloud analyzer for MSP is the next generation of Spot by NetApp’ FinOps products. It provides the necessary tiering management capabilities and opens the door for MSPs and their customers to enjoy more cloud for less cost:
    • By understanding exact margins based on the billing engine capabilities
    • By enabling the MSP to expose Spot by NetApp’s full suite of FinOps and DevOps solutions.
  • Cloud analyzer for MSP does not require deep technical understanding as it is focused on cost management and tiering capabilities to ease customers cloud spend management. 

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