Amazon EKS Workshop adds Ocean module for spot instance users

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The Amazon EKS Workshop is a free, self-learning portal by AWS consisting of various modules that explore multiple ways to configure VPC, ALB, and EC2 Kubernetes workers and Amazon EKS. These modules are divided into sections from beginner to advanced level, dealing with all stages of the EKS cluster lifecycle.

While until recently the workshop was given at re:Invent, regional summits, and other AWS events, today it offers an excellent method for remote learning, accessible to anyone who wishes to explore and enhance their knowledge of Amazon EKS. 

AWS and collaborate to drive greater adoption and easier use of EC2 spot instances among EKS users

Today, we are happy to announce the addition of an Ocean module to the EKS Workshop. This new module is being provided by (as an AWS Container Competency Partner) and is the result of a joint effort between the team, and the AWS EC2 spot instance and EKS teams. 

The new module teaches Amazon EKS users how to optimize worker node management with Ocean, and walks them through the entire setup process. Learners will launch a demo application to demonstrate Ocean’s Auto Scaling capabilities and take a tour of the product’s other features to understand the benefits it brings to EKS users. Upon completion, users will be able to run a fully optimized EKS cluster, with ease and confidence.

Some of the highlights of the EKS Workshop module include how to:

You can get started with the part of the EKS workshop here.

Users who complete the module using their own cloud accounts, can keep their free accounts at the end of the workshop, and eventually use them for their real life business needs. 

Enjoy the workshop!