Web Applications

Reliably Run Web Applications for 1/10th of the cost

Run your web servers on a cluster, optimized for maximum availability at minimum costs.

Load Balancer

Run blended clusters of multiple server types and purchasing options behind your existing Load Balancers such as Amazon ELB, Nginx and HA-Proxy. Spotinst will ensure the resiliency of your application by proactively registering and de-registering servers before interruptions occur.

Spotinst integrates with your load balancer and automatically distributes your workloads across multiple zones and excess capacity markets to ensure availability at minimum costs.

Azure Application Gateway


Reliably run workloads behind the Azure Application Gateway on Low-Priority VMs and cut costs by up to 80%.

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Amazon ELB/ALB

Automatically launch capacity in different Spot Markets to ensure minimal interruptions. Create a predictable and stable workload on a mix of Reserved, On-Demand, and Spot Instances.

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Google Cloud Backend Services

Run load balanced workloads on a mix of On-Demand, CUD, and Preemptible VMs without worrying about service interruptions.

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Customer Spotlight

CME Group

Traiana was able to easily import their existing AWS Auto Scaling Groups into Elastigroup to take advantage on Spot Instances to reduce their operating costs by over 70%

How It Works