Stateful Workloads

Run Stateful Applications on Spot Instances

Dramatically reduce costs on Development & Test workloads by reliably leveraging excess capacity and protecting storage, data and network configurations.

Due to its transient nature, Spot Instances are often less-than-ideal for workloads that require data or network state.
With Elastigroup, you can run your Stateful applications on excess capacity such as EC2 Spot without compromising on availability while reducing 80% of the infrastructure costs.

Import existing Stateful workloads or start from scratch, Elastigroup will maintain data integrity and provide persistence for your data, network, and other configurations during Spot interruptions and replacements.

Leverage Excess Capacity

By leveraging excess capacity compute such as AWS EC2 Spot Instances, Azure Low-Priority VMs, or Google Preemptible VMs, you can greatly reduce the cost of your infrastructure. From dev machines to databases, Elastigroup ensures your applications stay available despite inevitable interruptions.

Persist What Matters

Use a combination of snapshots, volumes, and Network Interfaces to ensure data persistence. Choose what persistence you want Elastigroup to maintain during excess capacity replacements, and rest assured your workloads are safe. This means you can run your stateful workloads on excess capacity, and on a schedule!

Pause, Resume, Schedule

With your data integrity ensured, you can safely pause and resume your stateful workloads, or even schedule them to only run at certain times. For example, you can schedule a QA environment to only run during office hours, for no more than 5 days.

Customer Spotlight


"Elastigroup saves us a lot of money by running our stateful Dev/Test workloads on Spot, our developers can spin up their machines and load their data, without worrying about something happening in the event of a Spot interruption. We're managing both our On-Demand and Spot Instances with Elastigroup, it lets us easily switch between them, and gives us granular visibility into performance and costs."
Roey Azroel | Lead DevOps Engineer, Cybereason