Expand your usage of Azure's newest pricing model, spot VMs, for production and mission-critical workloads.

Reliably leverage Azure spot VMs without disrupting your workloads
Easily define autoscaling for heterogenous groups of VMs
Access spare compute capacity for up to 90% less than pay-as-you-go pricing

Drive extreme cost-efficiency.
Simplify infrastructure management.

Seamless blending of optimal pricing options
Define how many spot and pay-as-you-go VMs your deployment needs and Elastigroup will run the desired amount of spot VMs, automatically falling back to pay-as-you-go when necessary, reverting to spot VMs once they are available again.
Heterogenous VM scaling
Select the VM types and sizes your workload needs and Elastigroup will automatically scale them without the need for creating a VM scaleset per instance types and size as well as updating relevant Load Balancers and Application Gateways as needed.
Hassle-free Blue/Green deployments
Provide a new image and define your desired batch sizes and Elastigroup’s Blue/Green deployment will seamlessly replace and upgrade your application version, ensuring high availability for your workloads, all hassle free.
It’s a turn-key product, we’ve allocated the nodes via Spot’s console, and since the initial configuration we didn’t really have to touch anything.
Alistair Mclean, Carbon’s CTO
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Enjoy up to 90% cost reduction with Elastigroup providing high-availability SLA for your workloads running on Azure spot VMs.

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