With Spot PC, MSPs can predictably make more money and grow their business faster.

Bring a highly differentiated cloud desktop solution to the market where customers and prospects are struggling to solve how to deliver and expand high quality remote work experiences at predictable costs.

Quickly establish and scale profitable, sticky customer relationships within the first 30 days of customer use. Start with a workgroup or department and then scale to the majority of desktops within a company. It. Just. Works.

Leverage your existing team and differentiate with your services! Move beyond just trying to get to or stay at Day 1 of desktop delivery all the time. Keep your team focused on building your business, not struggling to manage, secure, optimize and keep up with the infrastructure.

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The easiest way to deliver cloud desktops

Spot PC allows you to provide on-demand, secure, cost-effective cloud desktops for Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, built and operated by the desktop, infrastructure and cloud experts at Spot by NetApp, a Fortune 500 company

Key features

Fully-managed cloud desktops
Spot PC delivers native cloud desktops in Microsoft Azure, including Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD), utilizing AI-driven automation and optimization from Spot and NetApp to automatically place virtual desktops on the most cost-effective infrastructure.
Rapid, automated deployment
Expert onboarding handles migration of user profiles, data and applications based on your requirements, reducing risk and accelerating time to productivity.
Unified, cross-tenant management
A global view of all accounts, resources, and users under your control with secure drill-down into any tenant, at any level, to immediately troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve identified issues.
Enhanced security and protection
Utilizes enhanced security plus automatic backup, with options for automatic data discovery and classification to provide ultimate peace-of-mind.
Powerful console with rich analytic dashboards
Complete visibility across infrastructure, applications and users with by rich analytics and built-in dashboards to provide AI-driven insights into utilization, performance, and status of your entire desktop environment.
Continuous automation and optimization
Spot PC utilizes advanced automation and predictive analytics powered by Spot and NetApp technologies that can deliver cloud desktops at more than 50% lower cost, at a fixed monthly cost per seat.

Let the experts manage your cloud desktops so you can focus on your business

With fully-managed cloud desktops from our experts, your IT resources can focus on what they do best—making end users productive and helping your business grow.
Utilizing Spot and NetApp optimization and automation technologies, Spot PC reduces management and infrastructure costs by up to 70%.
With Spot PC’s fixed monthly per-seat subscription, you can predict exactly what your cloud desktop environment spend will be, allowing you to budget based on your needs.
Spot PC ensures your applications work in your cloud desktop environment, handling validation, updates, patching and lifecycle management so you don’t have to.

Get started

Spot PC is a Managed Cloud Desktop solution that powers MSPs to deliver cloud desktops to customers and their remote users across the globe.

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