Spotinst is a Cloud Infrastructure optimization and automation platform.

We help AWS customers boost performance, eliminate operational overhead, and reduce costs — by better leveraging EC2 Spot and Reserved Instances

Spotinst Overview

Spotinst vision is to revolutionize the way DevOps and R&D teams consume cloud computing, by optimizing and automating any AWS workload.

Spotinst increases DevOps agility by automating cloud infrastructure management, and dramatically reduces costs through reliable use of EC2 Spot Instances and Flexible use of Reserved Instances. Spotinst allows developers to focus on building applications, without worrying about managing and scaling infrastructure. Using Spotinst SaaS platform, companies can easily provision and manage their infrastructure and run it on a perfect mix of On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot Instances, while providing high availability and enterprise-grade SLA.

Spotinst is helping companies save ~80% on their AWS computing costs by leveraging EC2 Spot Instances with ease and confidence. Using advanced algorithms and historical data, Spotinst can predict EC2 Spot interruptions ahead of time and automatically migrate instances into different EC2 Instance types or AZs while ensuring high-availability and application consistency.

Partnership Overview

Partnership level

Advanced Technology Partner
Amazon EC2 Spot Partner
SaaS Partner

Available Competencies

Cloud Management Tools


Spotinst is available through AWS Marketplace.

Products Overview

Elastigroup is a cluster software, equivalent to AWS Auto Scaling Groups designed to automatically provision, manage and scale compute infrastructure on AWS.

Elastigroup unleashes the power of elastic infrastructure

  • Automate provisioning, deployment, and auto-scaling using consistent workflows.
  • Embrace the heterogeneity of multiple instance types, sizes, availability zones, and pricing options (Reserved, On-Demand, Spot Instances) to optimize for performance and costs.
  • Fallback to On-Demand when EC2 Spot capacity is not available
  • Ensure enterprise-grade SLA by reacting to Spot interruption ahead of time.

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Key Features

SLA for EC2 spot Instances

Elastigroup uses predictive algorithms to identify and drain EC2 instances that are about to be interrupted. Prior to EC2 termination, Elastigroup seamlessly launches a new EC2 instance and gracefully replaces the expiring instance(s). Elastigroup will also make sure to distribute your EC2 across different sizes and types to optimize cost reduction and Spot longevity.

Automatic RI Utilization

Elastigroup finds all unutilized Reservations and prioritizes Reservations usage prior to launching Spot Instances, making sure your application is running on the best possible mix of instances.

No Architectural Changes

Elastigroup integrates with AWS Auto Scaling Groups and dozens of applications and services including Elastic Load Balancer, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Beanstalk, OpsWorks, EMR, CodeDeploy, and more.

Intelligent Instances Selection

Elastigroup provides tailor-made auto-scaling for your application. Metric-based or Event-driven, Elastigroup will always make sure that you have the optimal mix of Right-sized VMs running to meet your workloads needs.

Increase EC2 Usage

By reducing the cost per compute, and utilizing Reserved instances better, customers will most likely increase their EC2 Spending and will not be restricted with cost limitation

Spotinst Ocean allows customers to run Serverless Containers and save up to 90% on their compute costs.
It automates the management of Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS Cluster Auto Scaling and Containers scheduling and provides Vertical Container Auto Scaling for efficient use of containers.

Spotinst Ocean matches and scales the right infrastructure resource to the ever-changing micro-services deployments while constantly adjusting requested CPU and RAM for your Pods and Workloads.

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Key Features

Heterogeneous Instance Groups

Ocean utilizes multiple Instance Types from different Instance families and sizes to increase the cluster’s performance and efficiency (including GPU & FPGA support).

Pod Driven Auto Scaling

Your VMs size is determined by your Pods & Deployments parameters. Ocean re-schedules Pods to optimize your cluster for performance and costs. Read More

Cut Costs by up to 80%

Ocean reliably utilizes Spot Instances based on Machine Learning models to predict Spot Instances interruption to maintain high-availability.

No EC2 to Manage; Serverless Experience

No virtual machines to manage, no clusters to operate. Spotinst Ocean frees you from having to pick specific instance types and automatically optimizes cluster utilization. Empower DevOps and developers to build, run, and scale applications with ease, without worrying about infrastructure.

Always up

Spotinst Ocean uses Spot and Reserved Instances to reduce costs and automatically falls back to On-Demand Instances when Spot Instances are not available. When Ocean uses On-Demand, it will automatically revert back to Spot Instances when capacity becomes available.

Enhanced monitoring & auto-healing capabilities

Advanced dashboards to track the Kubernetes cluster utilization and efficiency.

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